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Don Don Vegan Japanese soul food,
made with love.

Vegan Japanese curry rice and katsu, just like おかあさん(mom) used to make, delivered in Los Angeles.

About Us

Our Values

More Plant Based, but Treat yo’ Self.

Research shows that eating a more plant-based diet helps your body and the environment. But we get it, meat + dairy is delicious. We love some good cheese, burgers, and bacon, but only once in a while. Especially if it’s from an amazing source, treat yo’ self.

(Try to be) Sustainable.

Eat less meat. Use reusable or compostable packaging and less of it. Partner with local vendors as much as possible. Minimize waste and water usage during prep. Being mindful of our actions and choices when selling our awesome curry.

Work Life balance.

We’re a small “mom-and-pop” operation, a children of immigrants and dreamers, and obviously, human. Although our hustle game is super strong, we’re going to take that well-deserved vacation, spend time with our families during holidays, and sometimes not be open, just because. We’ll make sure to be open and available as much as we’re willing and able to, mentally and physically.


What does DON DON mean?

Expressing the Action of Eating

  1. There are many onomatopoeia words which describe the action of eating.

    • どんどん (Dondon) refers to a situation where something happens one after another, continuously or rapidly without hesitation.
    • You use dondon and gatsugatsu with 食べる (たべる・taberu) which means “to eat.”

  2. DON also means rice bowl. The best kind of rice bowl is curry katsu don.


Disclaimer: Reviews are from our events in New York and may include menu items that are no longer available. Regardless, same vegan curry made with love by the same people.